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What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an entirely virtual currency that works without the need for a central bank, and can be sent over the internet. Coins are transferred directly from person to person, and are kept in a digital wallet that can be accessed on a computer or mobile device.

Customers who haven’t experienced buying BTC before; simply download a free Bitcoin wallet on your mobile phone from an App Store, and purchase coin with cash at the terminal. 

Buying is simple. All you need is your preferred wallet for your preferred currency and some cash. Have your wallet QR open and ID ready (if you need over £500).

  • Choose currency
  • Choose amount for verification method (none under £500)
  • Scan your QR code
  • Enter cash, press finish once done.

You can have your receipt emailed to you or by SMS. Your tokens are withdrawn for you immediately and sent to your speficifed wallet within one confirmation of the network.

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What's a 'Blockchain'?

A group of verified transactions stored and sorted into blocks. In bitcoin's case a block is 10 minutes. These blocks are then chained together to form the public ledger known as the blockchain.  

Why are there different coins?

Different types of blockchain can have different properties and uses. Some are token based and others (ETH) are like software platforms. New uses for blockchain techologies are experimented with all the time and there are some very exciting practical applications being implemented.

What's 'open source'?

A term for software which is free and completely accessable by anyone. It's code is transparent and can seen by anyone. 

Nobody owns open source software and is often the top choice for safe and reliable applications.

What's the point?

Banks and payment systems are outdated and inherintly insecure for online spending. 

While the internet has evolved at an amazing pace, our spending methods haven't. Digital currencies are solving a long standing problem and improving global trade by removing finacial borders and transaction fees.

Why so many wallets?

Your wallet is your cryptographic key to the funds on the network so most crypto's have their own wallets. 

Wallets contain a public key used for generating addresses and recieving funds. And a private key used to send funds from those generated addresses (with a password too).  

Wallets are mostly open source and some wallets can hold multiple currencies. Do your research and look for good reviews.

So where is my coin kept and is it safe?

Your money is accessed through your wallet and protected by cryptogrophy and encryption. It is impossible to hack but DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSWORD!

Once correctly set up; you are the only person in the universe that can access that wallet. Most wallets will force you to back up or write down a special combination of words used to access the wallet if you lose the device

Keep it safe, do your research and write down your seed phrase safely somewhere.

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